Monday, December 29, 2008

Back to Work

Back to work for a couple of days. It was pretty stressful yesterday...there was a substitute organist and a substitute priest, but we managed. Another go round on New Year's Day.

Enjoying the reports from the 'cross group overseas. A lot of US riders going up against the Euros. I would love one of them to beat up on Sven Nys, but its not going to happen. Though he doesn't seem quite as over the top as he's been the last year or two. I'm all for JPow (Jeremy Powers) and Matt Shriver...I'd like to see them do real well. Of course, I'm not adverse to Ryan Trebon (US National champion) doing well either, but I'm partial to the other two I mentioned.

Its hard for me to focus on my trip at the end of January. In fact, I'm trying my best to not think about it before Jan. 1. I know its going to be stressful, so I'm trying not to get wound up about it while the kids are here. They're coming on NY Eve and will stay until Friday. I'm really looking forward to it since we haven't seen them in nearly 6 months. Even though we only live 2 hours away.

Will report more later!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Life

Just attended a friend's marriage blessing at St. Veronica's church. It was really nice. The reception afterward at their house was really nice too. There were several people from New Dominion Chorale that were there. We found a couple "small world" things. We discovered that Peter Patente (baritone in NDC - married to Jeanne Patente - my friend from NDC) grew up a few blocks from Immaculata H.S. where I graduated. His sister still lives there and he performed for a memorial concert for his other sister who passed away just a week ago or so in Immaculate Conception Church. Unbelievable. Then my other friend Rose Mary...her husband Vic had produced a couple of manuals for submarines in New London some years ago. Neil and he hit it right off.

So, besides celebrating Sabine and John's marriage, we all discovered something about each other we had in common. It was a great time had by all. It was nice that they were able to get right with the church. They had been delayed by various illnesses and deaths in their family. In Germany, you have to get civilly married and then do the church thing since church marriages are not recognized by German civil authorities as being a marriage.

We came back home to discover that the next door neighbors had locked themselves out of their house. John had fallen down and hurt himself, but wasn't too bad off. They had called a locksmith and expected him shortly, but I felt bad about leaving them by themselves, despite them refusing any help.

However, just shortly after going inside, I saw the locksmith had pulled I'm hoping they're OK.

Miami is playing U of CA this evening. We're looking forward to watching the game. In the meantime...more laundry!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Not a very original title. But its Christmas Eve afternoon...just home from work. Trying to rest a little because it will be a late night. Singing at Midnight Mass tonight. Doing a lot of heavy duty music, so it will be exhausting as well. Its nice to sit here and just listen to Christmas music on the radio. It'll go "poof" after tomorrow.

We have the latest Indiana Jones movie that we rented from Blockbuster a few days ago, but haven't watched yet. Neil is out riding his bike and when he returns we'll probably watch it.

We are giving an older gentleman from my choir who lives around the corner a ride out to St. Andrew's. He's been singing with Bill for, I think near to 40 years now. He's in his 80s and has a heart condition and isn't in the best shape anymore, but he loves his singing, so we're happy to help him get out there. We won't go to Denny's this year since it will be too late for him, but it isn't much fun anyway with just the two of us. We're getting too old ourselves anyway. We bought some muffins from Shoppers for tomorrow breakfast anyway and we don't need all the extra calories.

We're planning on leg of Lamb tomorrow...thinking about grilling it because the temps are supposed to be in the high 40s. Also making Tautiflette (a potato dish) with three types of cheese: Camembert, Guyere, and Swiss...should be good. It will be a quiet day. That's about it for today!

Merry Christmas everyone!

P.S. I've fixed it so anyone can comment. You don't have to register to comment now.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Water, Water Everywhere...

The big news in the area is the water main break on River Road in Maryland. It was pretty spectacular, its on CNN. This is just north of the beltway outside of the District. This is a major commuter route. Bad news!

Work went well today, pretty slow this time of year. I've got all my shopping and wrapping done so that's a good thing. Pretty unusual for me for Dec. 23rd.

I've been following Lance Armstrong on Twitter (among other pro cyclists) and its been interesting. He's had a couple of young cyclists staying and training with him over the last couple of weeks. Its kind of cool how he's trying to work with them and pass his experience and wisdom along. I think folks are reading too much into his return. He is competitive (no doubt!) but I also think he's being realistic about what goals he can hope to obtain...frankly I don't think he or anyone else can know what he will be able to do until he can test himself against the current crop of professionals. He may have raced against all of them before, but they've grown (e.g. Christian Vande Velde) and he doesn't know what he's lost over the last 3 1/2 years of not racing. He actually may be better than he was in 2005 because he wants it more, but who knows. If I were him, I'd actually be more interested in winning the Giro and maybe next year the Vuelta just to be one of the select group that have won all three grand tours. The Giro organizers have really given him an opening with a TTT and a loooong ITT. Though frankly, I think Garmin is going to win the TTT. Too many specialists...Lance and Levi (if he rides the Giro) aren't going to be able to overcome those folks. Well...enough geeking out for now.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Another Monday

Things chugged along today. Work was work. Made my reservations to go to Dubai and India so its really on now. No turning back now. Wrapped Christmas presents. Not a whole lot else new today. Glad those folks all made it off the plane that ran off the runway in Denver. That's all for today!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Thanks for checking in! This is the first real post to my blog. Not having done this before its likely my ramblings will be unorganized at first, so bear with me.

I'm intending this blog to be about my thoughts about my interests and about how my life is going. I enjoy cycling as a fan a lot!! I check several cycling news sites routinely and listen to a regular podcast on cycling, so I geek out from time to time on that. I am also in several singing groups so there should be an eclectic mix of music and cycling. And the music isn't likely to be the type usually associated with techno for me.

So, to I served as the cantor at my church and it went really well today. No mistakes! Yesterday we had practice with the strings, brass and timpani for Christmas Midnight Mass. Some rough patches, but the adrenalin on Christmas Eve will usually does. I also sang with the New Dominion Chorale (my community group) at their outreach singing event at The Virginian, a local senior home. It was fun and I think the residents who attended enjoyed our performance and the carol sing.

Unique blog title

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