Sunday, December 21, 2008


Thanks for checking in! This is the first real post to my blog. Not having done this before its likely my ramblings will be unorganized at first, so bear with me.

I'm intending this blog to be about my thoughts about my interests and about how my life is going. I enjoy cycling as a fan a lot!! I check several cycling news sites routinely and listen to a regular podcast on cycling, so I geek out from time to time on that. I am also in several singing groups so there should be an eclectic mix of music and cycling. And the music isn't likely to be the type usually associated with techno for me.

So, to I served as the cantor at my church and it went really well today. No mistakes! Yesterday we had practice with the strings, brass and timpani for Christmas Midnight Mass. Some rough patches, but the adrenalin on Christmas Eve will usually does. I also sang with the New Dominion Chorale (my community group) at their outreach singing event at The Virginian, a local senior home. It was fun and I think the residents who attended enjoyed our performance and the carol sing.

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