Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Water, Water Everywhere...

The big news in the area is the water main break on River Road in Maryland. It was pretty spectacular, its on CNN. This is just north of the beltway outside of the District. This is a major commuter route. Bad news!

Work went well today, pretty slow this time of year. I've got all my shopping and wrapping done so that's a good thing. Pretty unusual for me for Dec. 23rd.

I've been following Lance Armstrong on Twitter (among other pro cyclists) and its been interesting. He's had a couple of young cyclists staying and training with him over the last couple of weeks. Its kind of cool how he's trying to work with them and pass his experience and wisdom along. I think folks are reading too much into his return. He is competitive (no doubt!) but I also think he's being realistic about what goals he can hope to obtain...frankly I don't think he or anyone else can know what he will be able to do until he can test himself against the current crop of professionals. He may have raced against all of them before, but they've grown (e.g. Christian Vande Velde) and he doesn't know what he's lost over the last 3 1/2 years of not racing. He actually may be better than he was in 2005 because he wants it more, but who knows. If I were him, I'd actually be more interested in winning the Giro and maybe next year the Vuelta just to be one of the select group that have won all three grand tours. The Giro organizers have really given him an opening with a TTT and a loooong ITT. Though frankly, I think Garmin is going to win the TTT. Too many specialists...Lance and Levi (if he rides the Giro) aren't going to be able to overcome those folks. Well...enough geeking out for now.

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