Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Life

Just attended a friend's marriage blessing at St. Veronica's church. It was really nice. The reception afterward at their house was really nice too. There were several people from New Dominion Chorale that were there. We found a couple "small world" things. We discovered that Peter Patente (baritone in NDC - married to Jeanne Patente - my friend from NDC) grew up a few blocks from Immaculata H.S. where I graduated. His sister still lives there and he performed for a memorial concert for his other sister who passed away just a week ago or so in Immaculate Conception Church. Unbelievable. Then my other friend Rose Mary...her husband Vic had produced a couple of manuals for submarines in New London some years ago. Neil and he hit it right off.

So, besides celebrating Sabine and John's marriage, we all discovered something about each other we had in common. It was a great time had by all. It was nice that they were able to get right with the church. They had been delayed by various illnesses and deaths in their family. In Germany, you have to get civilly married and then do the church thing since church marriages are not recognized by German civil authorities as being a marriage.

We came back home to discover that the next door neighbors had locked themselves out of their house. John had fallen down and hurt himself, but wasn't too bad off. They had called a locksmith and expected him shortly, but I felt bad about leaving them by themselves, despite them refusing any help.

However, just shortly after going inside, I saw the locksmith had pulled I'm hoping they're OK.

Miami is playing U of CA this evening. We're looking forward to watching the game. In the meantime...more laundry!

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